The Beaverton Library Foundation

Dedicated to supporting the Beaverton City Library 

Every day, the library helps people change their lives. You can help ensure the success of these efforts by supporting the Library through the Beaverton Library Foundation. By giving to the Foundation, you too can invest in your library and by doing so, invest in your community.

As a non-profit in support of the Beaverton City Library, the Beaverton Library Foundation is committed to the success of this important community institution at both the main and branch locations.

What's New

City-Library-Entrance-w-flower-baskets2015 BLF Scholarship Winner
The Beaverton Library Foundation recently awarded its first scholarship to Kelsey Martin. She was selected from an impressive group of recent high school graduates who had all volunteered at the library for at least 50 hours.

Kelsey is a graduate of Beaverton High School and will be studying at Occidental College in Los Angeles this fall to major in cognitive science/psychology. She is the daughter of Craig and Sheila Martin. In addition to her volunteer work at the library, Kelsey was president of her high school French Club, the treasurer of the Key Club, and a National Honor Society scholar. She recently received an award from the American Psychological Association for her original research on stereotypes.

Kelsey says that volunteering at the library taught her the importance of time management, as she worked on several library tasks including shelving items on hold, helping with summer reading, and preparing materials for children’s programs.

A lifelong Beaverton resident, Kelsey is grateful for the library: "The Beaverton City Library enriched my life in countless ways. During my childhood, it ignited endless curiosity. Throughout my adolescence, it provided me with an escape from the whirling world around me. Now, the library means more to me than ever before. It equipped me with the skills I will need to take on college and whatever comes after that. It fostered valuable experiences and reminded me of important life lessons."

With generous donations received from the community, the Foundation is happy to support our city and branch libraries:

 Summer Reading Program $17,950 ($7,300 in 2012 and $10,650 in 2013)
 $10,000 provided to the branch library for the purchase of children's materials.
 $50,000 in support of the branch library's expansion of the children's section (Reser's Foundation grant).