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Dedicated to supporting the Beaverton City Library 

Every day, the library helps people change their lives. You can help ensure the success of these efforts by supporting the Library through the Beaverton Library Foundation. By giving to the Foundation, you too can invest in your library and by doing so, invest in your community.

As a non-profit in support of the Beaverton City Library, the Beaverton Library Foundation is committed to the success of this important community institution at both the main and branch locations.

What's New

2015 BLF Scholarship Winner
The Beaverton Library Foundation recently awarded its first scholarship to Kelsey Martin. She was selected from an impressive group of recent high school graduates who had all volunteered at the library for at least 50 hours.

Kelsey is a graduate of Beaverton High School and will be studying at Occidental College in Los Angeles this fall to major in cognitive science/psychology. She is the daughter of Craig and Sheila Martin. In addition to her volunteer work at the library, Kelsey was president of her high school French Club, the treasurer of the Key Club, and a National Honor Society scholar. She recently received an award from the American Psychological Association for her original research on stereotypes.

Kelsey says that volunteering at the library taught her the importance of time management, as she worked on several library tasks including shelving items on hold, helping with summer reading, and preparing materials for children’s programs.

A lifelong Beaverton resident, Kelsey is grateful for the library: "The Beaverton City Library enriched my life in countless ways. During my childhood, it ignited endless curiosity. Throughout my adolescence, it provided me with an escape from the whirling world around me. Now, the library means more to me than ever before. It equipped me with the skills I will need to take on college and whatever comes after that. It fostered valuable experiences and reminded me of important life lessons."

With generous donations received from the community, the Foundation is happy to support our city and branch libraries:

 Summer Reading Program $17,950 ($7,300 in 2012 and $10,650 in 2013)
 $10,000 provided to the branch library for the purchase of children's materials.
 $50,000 in support of the branch library's expansion of the children's section (Reser's Foundation grant).


The Foundation is proud to be a sponsor of so many important library programs. To find out details about any specific program, please contact the Beaverton City Library . If you would like to support a particular program, please write the name of the program on your donation form or check. Remember, all donations are tax deductible and 100% of contributions go towards supporting the our fabulous library.

As you read through the below list, please think of the children whose lives are touched and consider donating to your city library (no amount is too small).

Kid's Love the Library Summer Reading Program:
Studies have consistently shown that during the summer months, kids can lose up to 30% of their reading comprehension and cause teachers to spend the first months of the new year essentially trying to catch up where the kids left off. Our Summer Reading Program effectively eliminates this ‘backsliding’ and jumpstarts our kids to the head of the pack. It's a wonderfully fun program that kids look forward to all summer long.

As this program's main sponsor, we are able to help over 5000 children and teens keep reading skills over the critical summer months when school is out.

Creativity and critical thinking are important skills for today's youth. By sponsoring events such as art, poetry and essay contests, we hope to encourage kids by rewarding them for excelling in this area.

General Needs:
From collections to furniture, office supplies to technical equipment, the Foundation prides itself in meeting whatever need the library may have while at the same time enhancing the library's appearance and use.

Library Choice:
The Beaverton City Library continually needs to purchase equipment and supplies. Items such as new printers, additional bookshelves, and patron supplies are all vital to the day-to-day operations of the library, but rarely receive the attention and funding they require. Your donation to “Library Choice” will go toward these critical needs.

Speaker's Series:
This series of speakers on various topics of interest is popular to both students and adults. In the past fall we had three wonderful Chautauqua programs including Oregon’s Poet Laureate, Lawson Inada. We were also happy to sponsor the Indian Community Cultural program.

Kids at the Beaverton City Library

Early Literacy Program:
There is no greater need than to have our children ready to read by the time they enter school. The library offers important programs such as Story Time, designed to instill a love of books and reading at an early age. Help us support these great early reading programs!

Library Collections
There is always a need to add books, CDs and other materials to the library’s collections. With your support you can designate a subject area that is important to you!

Story Times:
All of the library’s story times are designed to instill the love of books and reading in kids at an early age. Storytellers model excellent book presentation and interaction with kids and introduce families to high quality children’s literature.

The Library offers nine sessions of Story Time per week for kids of all age groups, with a total weekly attendance of over 250. Story times are presented by trained professional librarians. The “Spanish Storytime” is presented by a contracted storyteller, with fees (about $2,100 per year) covered by a portion of our Ready to Read Grant which we receive from the Oregon State Library.

Little Ones Read at the Library Too

Babies & Books
Two sessions of “Babies & Books” feature short stories, songs, and finger plays for ages 9-24 months. Each session ends with a “playtime,” where kids can explore age appropriate toys, books, and each other.

Toddler Time:
The library offers three sessions of “Toddler Time,” where ages 2 through 3.5 enjoy picture books, songs, and other activities just right for those enthusiastic toddlers.

Preschool Story Time:
Two sessions of “Preschool Story Time” include excellent picture book stories for ages 3.5 – 6 years, as well as a creative craft project at the end of each session.

Evening Story Time:
Aimed at a wider age range, ages 3 through 8, this features stories and puppetry. It is offered in the evening so that families with working parents can attend.

Spanish Story Time:
For all ages and held on Saturday afternoons. It includes songs and stories in Spanish.

Every Child Ready to Read:
A national program developed by the Public Library Association and the American Library Association to help libraries address early literacy. Early literacy is defined as “what children know about reading and writing before they can actually read or write.” Two key activities libraries can engage in to further early literacy are (1) infusing existing programs, such as story times, with elements of early literacy, and (2) developing new programs, such as classes for parents and caregivers, to share information about early literacy.

Library on Wheels:
The library visits over 50 daycare centers through the Library on Wheels program. Librarians drop off library books and read stories to the kids which is an essential step towards kindergarten preparation.

Computers at the Library

Computer Upgrades:
Computers in the Young Adult Room are of varying age, quality, and capability. The library would like to have high quality, up-to-date computers at all of the stations. Teens are especially aware of technology and providing good equipment can be a strong draw to the library.

Books on CD:
Collections can always use support. Books on CD are just one area that needs “beefing up”. As with any collection donation, the library will place an acknowledgement plaque somewhere on the item. Plus, with a donation of $1,000 the donor’s name will go on the donor plaque. We can also acknowledge donors with an article in the “Your City” newsletter. Another incentive is that WCCLS will match our collection expenditures dollar for dollar.


The following community partners have pledged their support for our city library and we thank each and everyone for their generous donations. Please click on the name of our business supporters to find out more about them.

Our Partner − The Book Corner

The Book CornerThe Book Corner is a non profit bookstore dedicated to supporting services and materials the Beaverton City Library provides to our community. New Friends of the Beaverton City Library operates the Book Corner. It is staffed by volunteers. The Book Corner sells donated books and audio and video materials.

They are located across from the library at 12470 SW 5th St. For more information call 503-643-5188 or visit http://www.bookcornerbeaverton.org .

Reser Family Children’s Room at Murray Scholls

Reser Family FoundationIn April of 2015, the Beaverton Library Foundation celebrated the newly opened Children’s Room at the Murray Scholls branch library. This expansion, which almost doubled the size of the existing branch library, was made possible due to a generous charitable donation from the Reser Family Foundation.

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We, at the Beaverton Library Foundation, look to the community for financial support so that we can continue our mission of promoting literacy and cultural appreciation through the sponsorship of our city library's important services and programs.

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Families Love the Library

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About the Foundation

Since 1986, The Beaverton Library Foundation has raised funds to provide an extra margin of excellence for the Beaverton City Library.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Foundation raises money through special events, personal and corporate donations, capital campaigns, planned giving and bequests. All donations received by the Foundation are used to enhance the Beaverton City Library and are tax-deductible.


The mission of the Foundation is to promote and fund literacy and cultural appreciation through the sponsorship of library services and programs.


Branch Out...Reach Out...Draw In

Foundation Board Members

Michael Wong


Michael Wong
President, Beaverton Historical Society
Editor, Beaverton Resource Guide

Katherine Karafotias


Katherine Karafotias
Community Volunteer

Clancy Kilburn


Clancy Kilburn
Branch Manager, Banner Bank

Dotti Wilson

At Large

Dotti Wilson
Community Volunteer

Abigail Elder

Ex - Officio

Abigail Elder
Director, Beaverton City Library

Ann Doyle


Ann Doyle
BSD Teacher

Joshua Pond

At Large

Joshua Pond
Attorney, The Law Office of Siefman & Pond

Melissa Cagle

At Large

Melissa Cagle
Ursula Marketing & Consulting


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